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Short Term Rental Ownership

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Local STR Ownership

We understand the short term rental market. Learn the benefits of owning a short term rental, options for management and what the current market data is.

Out of state STR Ownership

What are the most profitable markets to own an STR? We stay up to date on the trends and learn how to have a turnkey STR you never need to step foot in. $$$

Multi-Unit Property

Hotels, Apartment buildings and multi-unit STR. Join our network to hear about offerings.

Mike Jacobsen has been investing in property since 1999, both locally and out of state. As a Realtor at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services specializing in investment property, you have someone to help you with any questions. Mike can assess the market in any region across the country and has partners to assist or completely manage every aspect of short term rentals from marketing, to cleaning, to repairs and more.

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Mike Jacobsen

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Data Driven Decisions.

Buying and selling investment property and understanding the market requires knowledge. We're here to help whether you are new or seasoned pro. Leave your info and we will reach out to you.

Short Term Rental Regulations

This is an ever changing topic. We help you stay on top of the regulations.

What neighborhoods have bans?

Neighborhood rules vary. Find out if you can short term rent.

Who will manage my property?

We have numerous partners for partial or full service management. Some owners are very hands on and some don't want to lift a finger. We can help all.

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